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Responsible gambling – the guide
By European law our webpage has to provide you with information about "responsible gambling".
We always stood for responsible gambling and for this reason we are going to give you some standard advice.
The history:
The European Union, as well as the other countries neighbouring the EU, became seriously interested at around 2000-2002 because of the widespread internet gambling.
Funds were allocated to study the phenomenon and as a result telephone lines offering help and psychological assistance were set up.
Also the universities and other national institutes became involved.
Since then the efforts have become more vigorous and more coordinated.
But more is needed, especially in the area of education.
What is responsible gambling ?
It basically is this:

we may gamble money we can afford to lose and not money we need

Those who follow the basic rule do not have a problem. Those who don't will have one !
Because even for the strongest the "lean years" will come and they must withstand.
There are more things of course. Such as the rule "learn the game before you get involved " and the rule "do not chase after losses".
Who are the vulnerable people ?
The vulnerable cross section of the population are those who do not have sufficient knowledge about the games of chance and the various "sirens" take advantage of them.
The children are vulnerable and are in need of protection and education.
From the group who have started to gamble those who have just made their first money from work (this is the main "danger group").
The older people by and large have already learned (usually).
Without any doubt some more specific psychological conditions / syndromes / traumatic experiences can send someone to the group of the "vulnerable ones".
How many are the "vulnerable" ones ?
The proportion is not terribly big but because the population of gambling people is
big the number of those who have a problem is also big and it is a social problem.
Education or exorcism ?
We like to see education and not exorcism.
Exorcism is backward. Education is effective, exorcism is not.

A basic truth that the various amateur psychologists who talk about "the dangers of co- mpulsive gambling" chose to ignore is that educated people naver fall victims, whereas the uneducated (the majority of the population that is) are always exposed to a degree of danger.
What we would like you to do ?
We expect of you to behave responsibly. Those who are not responsible are -eventually- lost as customers to the betting companies. But we too lose them as visitors and users of our web services.
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